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  4-Methoxy Phenylhydrazine Hydrochloride  
  2-Methoxy Phenylhydrazine Hydrochloride  
  4-Fluor Phenyl Hydrazine Hydrochloride  
  2-Fluor Phenyl Hydrazine Hydrochloride  
  4-Nitrophenyl Hydrazine Hydrochloride  
  2-Nitrophenyl Hydrazine Hydrochloride  
  4-Bromo Phenyl Hydrazine Hydrochloride  
  4-Methyl Phenyl Hydrazine Hydrochloride  
  4-Chloro Phenyl Hydrazxine Hydrochloride  
  3-Chloro Phenyl Hydrazxine Hydrochloride  
  2-Chloro Phenyl Hydrazxine Hydrochloride  

Taicang Hualian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the west of Taicang city, is close to national highway 204 and Xinliu River. There are 50km away from Shanghai and Suzhou, and 18km away from the marine outfall of the Yangtze River. We enjoy good location.

Our company covers an area of 61,800 sqm. We have a total asset of 39.8 million Yuan and 3 chemical factories. We can sell 69 million Yuan of products every year.

We have experienced great development. From a small factory with single product, we have become a professional manufacturer for organic intermediates. There are 8 production lines in our 3 factories. We specialize in the production of pharmaceutical intermediate, dye intermediate and fine chemicals.

Our products include:4-Methoxy Phenylhydrazine HYdrochloride,4-Fluor Phenyl Hydrazine HYdrochloride,4-Bromo Phenyl Hydrazine Hydrochloride,4-Sulfonamide-Phenylhydrazine Hydrochloride,4-Nitrophenyl Hydrazine Hydrochloride,1-Amino-2-Naphthol,3-Aminonaphthalene-8-Hydroxy-4,6-Disulfonic Acid,2-Aminonaphthalene-5,7-Disulfonic Acid,4-Hydroxy-7-Phenyl Amino Naphthalene-2-Sulfonic Acid,2-Naphthol-6-Sulfonic Acid,P-Chloro-Methylbenxzyl-Ketone,Ethyl Benzyl Aniline Sulfonic Acid,1,5-Naphthalene Disulfonic Acid,2,7-Naphthalene Disulfonic Acid,2,6-Naphthalene Disulfonic Acid,1,3,5-Naphthalene Trisulfonic Acid,Acetyl Bromide,Wool Whitener WG. We can develop new organic intermediate independently. We have advanced production method, quality product and good reputation. Our products have been well-received by our customers in Japan, USA, EU, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Quality, credit and customers are number one priority. We enjoy good management system. We got the certificate of ISO9000 quality system in August, 2000. Because we have become very popular in the world, our sales have been promoted greatly. These are activating our business and bringing us good opportunities to us. At present, we have 30 channels for our sales operation, and these channels bring us important information every year. We have got lots of honors from our government:From 2000 to 2002, we became the AAA credit company of Jiangsu international appraisal & Consultation Company and China construction bank Suzhou branch in 3 year. We are one of "20 private-run companies of Taicang city" and "The primer enterprise" of UNIDO China investment promotion service network centre. We are one of "20 private-run companies of Taicang city for complex strength" too.